Salisbury Old Sarum

Anytime Voucher

Anytime vouchers can be redeemed on week days and weekends, giving the user far more choice with regards to dates.

Price: £210 Deposit: £40 Total: £250
Max Weight: 18st/115kg Highest weight limit in UK. Surcharges apply if over 15stone see below - Max Height: n/a

This centre has one of the highest weight limits in the UK 18stone!  If over 15st a £10.00 per stone addtional charge is made. This differance (£30.00 for 18stone) is payable on the day.

DVD of your skydive can be booked on the day from just £109.00 simple request this service when you book in and a freefall cameraman will jump with you. He will film you getting ready, the ride in the plane and the freefall. As the Tandem Skydiving pair will open there parachute at 5500ft and the cameraman at 3000ft he will land first and capture the landing. This will then be edited and over dubbed with music for you. 

Type of Aircraft used is Cessna Grand Caravan 208 Turbine 15 place planes.

Normal exit height is 10.000 feet, Additional exit altitude of 15000 is subject to the aircraft available for an extra £59.00 . You can upgrade on the day if this is possible but cannot be booked or guaranteed in advance.

There is a canteen where you can get hot food and drinks all day.

There are 3 camera option available.

Option 1:


  1. Interaction with another skydiver during free fall.
  2. Different angles captured of your skydive by your dedicated cameraman!
  3. Primary role of the cameraman - it's all about you!

Video or Photos: £119 – Video & Photos £149

Option 2:


  1. Close up freefall shots!
  2. Parachute ride footage
  3. See your face as the canopy deploys
  4. The Ultimate Selfie!

Video or Photos: £79 – Video & Photos £109

Option 3:

Combinded Package.

  1. Combining all of the media products into one Totally Epic package of Freefall and Handcam video footage and stills photography.
  2. This is highly recommended for those of you who want to capture your skydive from every angle plus some totally surreal interaction with your photographer during freefall at 125mph.


Tandem Skydiving for Charity

If you are planning to do a one-off jump for a charity that you support, we would recommend a tandem skydiving jump, as this gives the best all round experience of skydiving with the least amount of training. To find out how to tandem jump for charity please see the charity page.

Tandem Skydiving Restrictions

As of April 11th 2016 our governing body the British Parachute Association has introduced two forms to replace the original tandem fitness form. The 40+ age limit has been removed for mandatory medicals for tandem jumpers. Ability to take part in a tandem jump is now solely based on medical history.

There are now two BPA tandem forms as follows: You should read the BPA Fitness form 115a as soon as possible - if having read all the statements you are unable to declare yourself fit to jump and sign this form, then you will need to take Form 115b to your doctor to be signed and bring this along with you on the day of your jump.

As before, a letter from the doctor, notes or any other type of medical cannot be accepted. It must be the official signed BPA Form 115 A or B only. Forms should be taken along on the day of your course; we do not need them back in advance.

You must be over 16 to skydive in the UK.  If under 18, you are required to complete a British Parachute Association (BPA) Consent Form 106 that will need to be signed by a parent/guardian.   To download a copy of this form, please click here.  If you are not yet 18 your parent/guardian will also need to sign Form 115a .

We recommend everyone under the age of 18 takes a parent/guardian with them on the day.


Salisbury Old Sarum

Video Cost

External camera flyer £109.00 DVD £119.00 Free Fall Stills Photos £149.00 for both. Handycam option £79.00 & £109.00


This centre is on the Salisbury plane not far from Stonehenge. Easy to get to from the south coast, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Portsmouth, Warminster, Winchester and Shaftesbury This Centre is not far from our Salisbury Netheravon Centre which is military and open to the public weekends.